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#3 Mini 2 Wine Filtration Pads

#3 Mini 2 Wine Filtration Pads


#3 Mini 2 Wine Filtration Pads

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    • Mini 2 Wine Filtration Cartridges #3 - Polishing Filtration
    • Each pack contains 2 carridges. #3 Contains one 2 micron and one 0.8 micron cartage.
    • Polishing Pads
    • Clean your wine and make it shine.
    • Each set fill filter between 6 and 12 Gallons of wine. Depending on clarity, and sediment levels.

    #3 Sterile

    #3 are are hard caged , 0.8 micron filters. Ideal for filtering white wine to give it that perfect shine or light red wines.

    Wine to be filtered should already be very clear as this filter will load up quickly with material. It is a common practice to pre-filter already settled wine with a #2 filter and then filter with this .#3 Sterile filter. Best for White wines.

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