Wholesale Policies

Femtech Manufacturing

Authorized Resale Policy


Fermtech Manufacturing (“Fermtech”) hereby adopts this Resale Policy (this “Policy”) and requires that each person, firm or entity (as applicable, a “Reseller”) that purchases Fermtech products (the “Products”) for resale or other distribution agree to comply with this Policy.

Any Reseller that fails to comply with this Policy will be deemed an unauthorized reseller of the Products, and as such, shall have no right to: (i) sell the Products, (ii) use Fermtech intellectual property, including any of its trademarks or copyrights, or (iii) offer Fermtech’s consumer warranty applicable to any of the Products.

1. Sales to End Users Only. Unless otherwise agreed to by Fermtech in writing, Reseller may only purchase Products for resale to consumers and end user customers, and Reseller may not resell Products to other Resellers, distributors or for further distribution in any manner.

2. Purchase from Approved Sources. Reseller may only purchase the Products from approved sources such as Fermtech or one of its authorized distributors. Reseller shall not purchase the Products from any seller that is selling in violation of this Policy.

3. No Sales on Amazon.com Amazon.ca unless part of a larger non Fermtech bundle. Unless otherwise agreed to by Fermtech in writing, Reseller may not advertise or sell Fermtech branded items on Amazon in USA or Canada.

4. Handling and Storage. Reseller agrees to handle and store the Products in a safe manner. 

5. Customer Service. Reseller shall maintain customer service.

6. Recall and Consumer Safety. To ensure the safety and well-being of the end users of the Products, Reseller agrees to cooperate with Fermtech with respect to any Product recall or other consumer safety information dissemination efforts.

7. Support of Manufacturer’s Warranty. Resellers in compliance with this Policy may offer Fermtech consumer warranty to any proper purchaser of the Products.

8. Trademarks; Copyrights. Resellers that comply with this Policy have a limited,
non-exclusive, non- sublicensable, revocable license to use Fermtech trademarks and
copyrights in connection with the sale of the Products. Reseller shall not alter, modify,
or change any trademark or copyright, nor shall Reseller use any trademark or
copyright other than for the promotion and sale of the Products, nor shall Reseller use
any trademark or copyright in any manner that negatively impacts such trademark or
copyright or Fermtech. Failure to comply with the Policy will result in the automatic
revocation of the license granted herein and a total forfeiture of the rights granted
herein. Fermtech reserves the right to revoke this license at any time for any or no

9. Product Packaging and Display. Reseller shall sell Products in their original
packaging. Relabeling, repackaging (including the separation of bundled Products or
the bundling of Products(Unlesss part of larger non Fermtech bundle), and other alterations to Products or their packaging are not permitted. Tampering with, defacing, covering, or otherwise altering any serial number, UPC code, batch or lot code, SKU or other identifying information on Products or their packaging is prohibited. Reseller may not remove, translate, or modify the contents of any label or literature on or accompanying the Products.

10. Other Information, Documents and Reports. Reseller must provide Fermtech
with any supplemental information, documents and reports that Fermtech may request
in order to validate Reseller’s compliance with this Policy.



Minimum Order Total on Approved accounts is $250. Free Shipping with all orders.